Escape Rooms Unique in Bucharest

Play like you have never done it before!

Do you have the skills to solve the Quest Mission Escape Rooms mysteries? Prove it! Dare to accept a 100% real challenge! Book a place for smart fun in one of the Quest Mission Escape Rooms and you have 60 minutes to search for clues, to solve puzzles and discover the mysteries in order to escape the room!
C.S.I. Bucharest

C.S.I. Bucharest

C.S.I. Bucharest   The C.S.I. team is confronted with a new case: the White Diamond has been stolen and during the investigation some ‘evidences’…

  • Finished with 1-3 hints 8%
  • Finished with 3-5 hints 33%
  • Finished with 5-10 hints 64%

MI:Double Agent

There is only one hour left… Hello 009! We need you! Badly…! Somebody from our side stole the complete agents list of our agency and he would like to sell…

  • Finished with 1-3 hints 12%
  • Finished with 3-5 hints 29%
  • Finished with 5-10 hints 60%

Da Vinci Secret

Da Vinci’s Secret An ancient legend claims that Leonardo Da Vinci was searching for the secret of the eternal life. Some say he found it… Is the Maestro…

  • Finished with 1-3 hints 7%
  • Finished with 3-5 hints 30%
  • Finished with 5-10 hints 63%

Some of those who have successfully solved the Quest Mission Escape Rooms mysteries

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Clienti QuestMission
Clienti QuestMission

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