About Quest Mission


Your mission has started!

Escape from the virtual world and day to day routine by entering into a game as real as possible, inspired by stories whose main character you’ve always wanted to be!

Quest Mission is a new concept of fun dedicated to those who want to play smart using their intelligence, logic, intuition, patience and – most of all – the team spirit in an unique way, experimenting live scenarios that you’ve only seen or read about. The time has come for you to move to the next step by becoming the main character and solving the mystery of each Quest Mission epic escape room.

Prepare to stretch your brain muscles!

The Quest Mission stories are based on connections of the mind, awareness, insightfulness, logic and communication between the team members.

Is your mind eager of real adventure? Are you ready to prove your detective skills and work under pressure with your team? Than it is time to play smart! This principle efficiently combines the education with fun in teamwork. Pay attention! It is not recommended to use your physical force! Use your brain, not your muscles, to solve in a smart way the mysteries of the Quest Mission rooms and to escape in the given time – 60 or 90 minutes.

Things aren’t what they seem to be!

The most important thing you will learn in the Quest Mission escape rooms is that things are not always what they seem to be!

A friendly and safe playing environment!

In the Quest Mission locations you will be welcomed by a friendly and positive team which will be by your side to provide all the necessary information so that your experience will be a special one, in a safe and at the same time mysterious environment.

Attention! It is addictive!

The Quest Mission adventure it is addictive! Addiction to fun and to thrills with friends. That’s why one of the Quest Mission team’s aim it is to surprise you with new themes for rooms and original stories!

The week-end is coming and you have no idea what else can you do to avoid the routine? Here you have a few reasons to come to Quest Mission:

•    It is a real experience.

•    The escape room type of games provides you an unique experience, original and very fun!

•    They are a wonderful group activity! You can come with your loved one or with your best friend, or you could challenge more friends of yours.

•    The escape room type of games are a great option for a team building too.

•    You will socialize and make new friends.

•    You will be part of scenarios that you’ve only read about or seen in your favorite movies!

•    The stories you will be part of will challenge you to think, to make smart associations, to test a few various skills, to overcome your fears, to work in team and act under pressure.

•    You will enjoy new experiences and stories with every new room!

Dare and book a place for fun in one of the Quest Mission’s rooms now!

Join the fun !


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