A real romanian art gallery. International specialists - Sherlock, Jane, Lighman, Clouseau & Langdon are acused of stealing a diamond. YOU, The Not so Famous Detectives, are expected save them!

Probably the only game in the world in a real live Romanian art gallery!

A new art gallery – with young Romanian artists displaying their art – opens at in Bucharest at Quest Mission.

World’s most famous detectives & specialists – Sherlock, Jane, Lightman, Clouseau & Langdon are called to assess the security of the new art gallery.

Besides Romanian pictures and sculptures, the exposition presents for the first time an amazing piece, called “ONE WORLD” – one of the world famous diamonds “Koh I Noor”, exposed in the hands of a majestic gold Buddha, as a symbol of one world – material and spiritual coming together.

Unfortunately for the Famous Detectives, somebody set them up and they have been framed, being accused of having stolen the Diamond. They are arrested and under investigation.

You – The Not So Famous Detectives (yet :P) – have one simple mission: help us find the diamond and save them.

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Piata Amzei 1, etaj 2 - Bucuresti